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Welcome to eSurelTy

eSureITy is a US-based Cybersecurity & Risk Management provider that delivers goal-oriented business outcomes. We understand the dynamic cyberthreat landscape, the everchanging compliance environment and the need to respond quickly with business-critical decisions.

Our highly skilled and certified technical team have the experience-based knowledge to provide sound advice. Our staff is made up of assessors and consultants who are Subject Matter Experts in their specialty. Their ability to collaborate, consult and communicate business-centric outcomes is unparalleled within the industry.

We take a collaborative approach to assess your risk and design a strategic plan to protect your assets!

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eSureITy™ Provides Consulting,
Compliance and Security.

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive security testing identifying and strengthening security weakness within your infrastucture.

Risk Assessments

Provide a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of risk as well as probability of those risk's actuality.


Effectively monitor, detect, and respond to Cyberthreats with our co-managed approach - collabroating with your IT staff for 24x7x365 security monitoring.

Reseller Program

eSureITy is committed to providing its network of eSureITy Partners with the tools and technology they need to grow their business and help their customers stay ahead of compliance and security. Take advantage of eSureITy’s world class solutions including: auditing, assessment and attainment of enterprise security and regulatory compliance.