Penetration Testing West Virginia

Penetration Testing in West Virginia allows businesses to identify weaknesses and risks within their security products that can leave their systems exposed to cyberattack. By conducting real-world attacks, we identify vulnerabilities and flaws that could allow for a potential hacker or cybercriminal to access your system, whether it's computer, security cameras, electronic locks and more. ESureITy deploys unique testing methods by simulating a real-world attack to successfully identify these access points and provide a plan for remediation to protect your systems.

Penetration Testing for West Virginia clients is conducted by some of the industry's best cyber security testers to identify critical holes in your security protocol. When systems are vulnerable, hackers can gain access to sensitive information and cause business disruption and financial loss. The knowledge gained through pen testing will allow us at eSureITy to design strategies and techniques to protect your company. These countermeasures are designed to detect and prevent invasions through weak points in your systems.

Guiding you through the results of our penetration testing, West Virginia clients meet with our security experts to review our findings and understand the necessary steps to reduce potential exposure and comply with industry security standards. We prepare an Executive Summary detailing our findings in an easy to understand graph format that is further summarized by a sharable composite risk score. This assessment further details the findings for each specific IP address and device, allowing you to understand the source of your exposure.

Why is Penetration Testing important?

The team at eSureITy incorporates knowledge and experience to understand how compromises to your system may occur, using automated tools and procedures customized for your specific business sector. Without Penetration Testing, West Virginia clients may be vulnerable to a breach that goes undiscovered for months. By identifying which channels are most at risk, we can also help you to prevent costly outages and service interruptions. Take the proactive approach to protect your sensitive information and give us a call today to schedule your penetration testing.

eSureITy is a cybersecurity consulting firm that assists businesses with assessing and maintaining the security posture of corporate assets and networks. With decades of experience, our team of security assessors and risk managers with evaluate your current cybersecurity posture, provide a remediation road map and can assist with hardening network assets and data sources. We conduct both IT & OT Vulnerability/Risk Assessments and Penetration Testing to make sure your Networks, Data and Applications are secure no matter where they reside, in the Data Center or the Cloud. Additionally, our Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) and Virtual ISO (VISO) offerings work together to ensure your network stays protected 24x7x365.